Coaching FAQs

I just found out about the Future Problem Solving Program, is it too late to get started?

  • Absolutely not! I’m glad you learned about the program and look forward to helping you get started. Your first step should be to read through our website and learn a little bit about the program. After you have finished please contact me by e-mail and we can discuss how you can start an FPS program at your school. I will be happy to train you as a coach through an upcoming training in your area or I will even plan a training session near you if one does not currently exist. I look forward to hearing from you!

Are there any FPS coaches in my area who I can contact for help with my program?

  • Yes, we have veteran coaches interested in supporting new schools as they begin FPS. We find that once our coaches have worked with the program and seen the positive impact on their students, they are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with other coaches. Join the NEFPS Coaches’ Google Group for idea sharing, answers to questions, support, and networking.

Are there resources I can obtain to help with our new FPS program?

  • Yes! You’re in the right place. Contact Melissa to obtain the coach password to access coach-only resources, examples, and documents. You might also want to take a look at the resources prepared by the International Office at the FPSPI Zippy Mart.

How many hours a week should I dedicate to the Future Problem Solving program?

  • The amount of time that coaches spend with their students per week varies from school to school.
  • Some coaches are able to use a set amount of time during the school day for the program, some meet with their teams after school, and some find that the weekend is the best time for working with their students.
  • As you build your own program at your school, try different options and see what works best for you.
  • I found I was able to run my program by meeting with students twice a week for one hour meetings. Of course, I always felt like there was more I wanted to do, but I needed to work within the confines of the school day.

How do I get started with FPS?

  • A good first step would be to share some information and get the go-ahead from your school administrator.
  • Select or invite students to participate.  Many beginning coaches start with just one or two teams (four to ten students), as it is more manageable.
  • Contact the Nebraska FPS office, and we’ll share many coach-only resources (future scenes, graphic organizers, other coaching tools).
  • Attend a coach training.
  • Register your teams.
  • Gather research and learn the six-step process.  Use our resources in Coach Central!  Email Melissa for the password!
  • Teach it to your students in manageable chunks, with lots of modeling.
  • Submit your booklets by the deadlines for each problem.  You’ll get feedback and suggestions from trained evaluators.

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