Past Topics

FPS has examined a wide variety of topics over the last decade. Everything from tourism to genetics has been studied at by students for potential problems and solutions. Here are the highlights from 1999 to today.

Practice Problem #1 Fads
Practice Problem #2 Amateur Sports
Qualifying Problem The Internet
Affiliate Bowl Financial Security
International Conference Genetic Engineering
Practice Problem #1 Tourism
Practice Problem #2 World Population
Qualifying Problem Water
Affiliate Bowl Habitats
International Conference Global Interdependence
Practice Problem #1 Alternative Energy
Practice Problem #2 Educational Options
Qualifying Problem Organ Donations
Affiliate Bowl Environmental Law
International Conference Virtual Corporations
Practice Problem #1 Sports Medicine
Practice Problem #2 E-Commerce
Qualifying Problem Nanotechnology
Affiliate Bowl DNA Identification
International Conference Worldwide Communication
Practice Problem #1 Smart Clothes
Practice Problem #2 Rage and Bullying
Qualifying Problem Artificial Intelligence
Affiliate Bowl Media Impact
International Conference Immigration
Practice Problem #1 Entertainment
Practice Problem #2 Terrorism/Security
Qualifying Problem Agriculture of the 21st Century
Affiliate Bowl Depletion of Oceanic Species
International Conference Business Crime
Practice Problem #1 Climate Change/Climate Threat
Practice Problem #2 Freedom of Speech
Qualifying Problem Nutrition
Affiliate Bowl Healthcare Access
International Conference Redistribution of Wealth
Practice Problem #1 Fundraising/Charity Giving
Practice Problem #2 Protection of National Treasures
Qualifying Problem Cultural Prejudice
Affiliate Bowl Caring for Our Elders
International Conference Privacy
Practice Problem #1 Body Enhancement
Practice Problem #2 Simulation Technology
Qualifying Problem Neurotechnology
Affiliate Bowl Debt in Developing Countries
International Conference Child Labor
Practice Problem #1 Olympic Games
Practice Problem #2 Cyber Conflict
Qualifying Problem Space Junk
Affiliate Bowl Counterfeit Economy
International Conference Pandemic
Practice Problem #1 Sensory Overload
Practice Problem #2 Invasive Species
Qualifying Problem Orphaned Children
Affiliate Bowl Food Distribution
International Conference Green Living
Practice Problem #1 Healthy Living
Practice Problem #2 Air Transport
Qualifying Problem Genetic Testing
Affiliate Bowl Water Quality
International Conference Emergency Planning
Practice Problem #1 All in a Day’s Work
Practice Problem #2 Coral Reefs
Qualifying Problem Human Rights
Affiliate Bowl Trade Barriers
International Conference Pharmaceuticals
Practice Problem #1 Culture of Celebrity
Practice Problem #2 Robotic Age
Qualifying Problem Megacities
Affiliate Bowl Ocean Soup
International Conference Global Status of Women
Practice Problem #1 Social Isolation
Practice Problem #2 Desertification
Qualifying Problem Surveillance Society
Affiliate Bowl Land Transportation
International Conference Space
Practice Problem #1 Impact of Social Media
Practice Problem #2 Processed Foods
Qualifying Problem Propaganda
Affiliate Bowl Enhancing Human Potential
International Conference Intellectual Property
Practice Problem #1 Treatment of Animals
Practice Problem #2 Disappearing Languages
Qualifying Problem Recovering from Disaster
Affiliate Bowl The Global Workplace
International Conference Energy of the Future
Practice Problem #1 Educational Disparities
Practice Problem #2 It’s All in the Genes
Qualifying Problem 3D Printing
Affiliate Bowl Identity Theft
International Conference Biosecurity
Practice Problem #1 Spread of Infectious Disease
Practice Problem #2 Toxic Materials
Qualifying Problem Philanthrocapitalism
Affiliate Bowl Cloud Storage
 International Conference Criminal Justice Systems
Practice Problem #1 Mission to Moon, Mars, and Beyond
Practice Problem #2 Drones
Qualifying Problem Food Loss & Waste
Affiliate Bowl Coping with Stress
International Conference De-Extinction
Practice Problem #1 International Travel
Practice Problem #2 Sleep Patterns
Qualifying Problem Gamification
Affiliate Bowl Living in Poverty
International Conference Terraforming
Practice Problem #1 Youth in Competitive Sports
Practice Problem #2 Wearable Technology
Qualifying Problem Human Environmental Impact
Affiliate Bowl Wearable Technology
International Conference Neurotechnology
Practice Problem #1 Water Supply
Practice Problem #2 Building Green
Qualifying Problem Insects
Affiliate Bowl Mining
International Conference TBA – March 2022

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