Program Registration

  • Global Issues Problem Solving Team: $150
  • Global Issues Problem Solving Individual: $25
  • Community Problem Solving Team: $25
  • Scenario Writing: $25
  • State Bowl Fee: $50 per team

What does registration include?

  • Materials for three different practice problems, which may be reproduced for any number of individuals on a team
  • Evaluation of each of the registered teams problems by highly trained, skilled individuals
  • Access to online booklet through Google Docs – Students problem solve online!
  • A newly-designed FPS website – including blog posts after each topic, as well as “coach only” resources
  • Access to a network of information from state and national Future Problem Solving Program futurists
  • Sharing of successful creative problem-solving strategies and techniques
  • Consultative services from the Nebraska Future Problem Solving Program staff
  • Possible opportunity to participate in State or International competition

I’m ready to register! SIGN ME UP!

Registration options:

  • Online submission – Submit typed booklets via Google Docs. For PP#1 and PP#2, there will be no time limit.  A tutorial is available in “Coach Central.”
  • Scanned submission – Submit by scanning handwritten booklets and coversheets to the Nebraska FPS Office.  Scanned booklets can be emailed to – you will receive a reply/receipt of submission.
    A reminder that students should only write within margins and on the front side of each page – this makes scanning much easier!
  • Deadlines will be the same for all submission options!
  • All submissions will be evaluated digitally. Scores will be released to coaches (format: Microsoft Excel) when the evaluation is complete.

Having registration problems?
Contact the NE FPS Office!

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