Why Coach FPS?

You are cordially invited to participate in the Future Problem Solving (FPS) Program of Nebraska. FPS is an exciting kind of mental gymnastics in which participants use a specific problem solving process to solve problems which may be faced by our society in the future. This year-long program is approved by the National Association for Secondary School Principals, the Nebraska Association of the Gifted, and the Nebraska Department of Education. The challenging materials of the Future Problem Solving Program are designed to help students learn how to think. Specifically, students will be motivated and assisted to:

1. think more creatively;
2. develop an active interest in the future;
3. learn a six-step problem solving process;
4. work cooperatively with their teammates (peers);
5. acquire an understanding of complex societal issues;
6. improve oral and written communication skills;
7. develop research skills;
8. think critically and analytically.

The topics that are studied vary each year within this program. The students have input into the selection of upcoming topics by means of a voting ballot. The topics that will be studied this year are available here.

It may be helpful to see some frequently asked-questions about coaching. We also offer several coach training options to orient you with the program, the six-step process, coaching teams, and booklet submission.

Please accept our invitation to participate in the Nebraska FPS Program this year so that you might open doors to the future for your young people. Contact us or register today!

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