Sign Up to Evaluate

How can you directly contribute to Nebraska FPS?  Please consider becoming an evaluator.  With more volunteers, each individual will have a lighter workload, and evaluations can be returned to students at a faster rate.  Evaluators are compensated for their work, and can – many times – evaluate online.

What is required of an FPS evaluator?

  • Knowledge of the FPS process and  evaluation scoring guidelines
  • Attendance at an evaluator training – for new evaluators
  • Willingness to give feedback and suggestions
  • A positive attitude
  • Internet access

When will evaluation take place?

  • October 24   —  Practice Problem #1 (Mission to Moon, Mars, and Beyond)
  • December 24  —  Practice Problem #2 (Drones)
  • February 23  —  Qualifying Problem (Food Loss & Waste)
  • March 23 — Individuals (Coping with Stress)
  • April 13, 2019 – State Bowl (Coping with Stress)

As an evaluator, you provide valuable feedback and learning opportunities for the students and coaches involved in the Nebraska Future Problem Solving program!  Contact Evaluation Director, Krysta Oehm, if you are interested in evaluating for the current school year.  She will be in touch with you about the fall training.  Plan on putting the October, December, March, and April dates on your calendar now.  We look forward to working with you!