Registration Changes: 2019

We’re making some registration changes this year!  All registrations will be done through this easy-to-use online form.  We’d also love to see you at one (or BOTH!) coaches’ trainings in Kearney this fall. They will be held on September 4 and November 6, 2019 at the Kearney Public Library. Register for this training with this easy-to-use online form.

You have two options for registration this year:

  • Online submission – After the coach registers, he or she will receive a Google Doc version of the booklet. The coach can then share the booklet with students who can collaborate to finish the booklet.  The evaluation will be done digitally (through Microsoft Excel) and submitted back to you (electronically) within 2-3 weeks.
  • Scanned submission – Students will complete their booklet on paper, which you will scan and email in to the FPS Office ( The evaluation will be done digitally (through Microsoft Excel) and submitted back to you (electronically) within 2-3 weeks.

We are VERY excited to offer the online submission option this year, and while it brings a new set of challenges, it also has many unique benefits.  We feel that the computer/online aspect will really excite, motivate, and engage students in the process. Coaches can monitor students’ work and will always be able to access a copy of their booklet, even after submitting it for evaluation.  We also feel that coaches will appreciate the better and more timely feedback from evaluators.  We can also avoid the hassle, delay, and cost of mailing back-and-forth booklets.  Our evaluators really look forward to the typewritten booklets (I am sure you can understand how hard it is to read some students’ handwriting!), the ability to evaluate from “anywhere,” and feel they will give more feedback – and better comments – by being able to evaluate online.  We certainly hope you’ll “jump into the future” with us and try out the online submission.  We think you and your students will be pleasantly surprised at the ease and utility of the online booklet.

You can access the future scenes, forms, and other coach-only information on this web page.  The coach menu has many great resources!  After you register, you will get an email, providing access to the coach-only password. Just go to the coach menu and select “Coach Central.” Then head to the component you wish to see (Global Issues Problem Solving, Scenario Writing, or Community Problem Solving). All past coaches have been emailed the access password.

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