2022 State Qualifier Information

Congratulations on qualifying for the State Bowl. Please find below the information necessary to prepare your team(s) for the State Bowl.

Invitation Letter – 2022
* This year, students have the option at State Bowl to:
* complete digital booklets (Google Doc) or
* traditional paper booklets
If your students plan to complete their booklet on a laptop (or other device), please ensure that they’re fully charged and able to access the UNK Guest internet before the competition begins. We will have a paper booklet back up in the case of any technology issues.

Qualifying Teams – 2022 – A list of teams, coaches, and participants that qualified for this year’s NE FPS State Bowl

T-Shirt Order Form – get order form to your coach by Monday, March 14. Coaches, submit orders by Wednesday, March 16.

Registration Form – Fill out information and submit by Wednesday, March 9  (Submit one form per team)

This information is for the skit competition that will take place during the early afternoon of State Bowl:
Skit Information (Rules and Regulations)
Skit Material List (Bring one set of supplies for each team)
Skit Scoresheet – for your reference

Hotel Information in Kearney – for teams that will travel on Friday
  • Buses and cars may park in any staff or student parking lot at UNK on Saturdays
  • Maps of specific buildings will be available on the day of State Bowl
Nebraskan (Student Union) Map

Monitor Letter– Each team is responsible for providing a responsible adult (other than the coach) as a monitor.  Many times, it is a parent volunteer who can come on the morning of the competition.  Please submit monitor name(s) and contact information with online registration form (above).  Monitors will be sent more detailed information (via email) approximately two weeks prior to State Bowl.

Press Release – Microsoft Word edition (editable) – Feel free to edit to fit your specific team and school – local papers love to cover success in academic competitions. Our students are our best source of public relations, so publicize those State Bowl qualifiers!

Alternate Future Scene – can be used as a “practice” future scene – Available in “Coach Central
Research Links – More resources available at the FPSPI Zippy Mart.
Champion teams and individuals will compete at the 2022 International Conference in June.

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