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The Surveillance Society – Time Magazine
Secrets are so 20th century, now that we have the ability to collect and store billions of pieces of data forever

The Surveillance Society – Wired Magazine
Cell phones that pinpoint your location. Cameras that track your every move. Subway cards that remember. We routinely sacrifice privacy for convenience and security. So stop worrying. And get ready for your close-up.

The Pros and Cons of a Surveillance Society – NYT Blog
Article comparing surveillance – including NSA/Prism, the Treyvon Martin case, and devices such as Google Glass

Surveillance Technology – Inventing the Future Series – YouTube
The digital technologies that so delight us also have a dark side

The Surveillance Society – 1984 Came 25 Years Late – YouTube
What does the world’s emerging big brother, 1984 style surveillance society hold for the future? Discussed in the video are cctv security cameras, spy drones, warrantless wiretapping, internet surveillance, rfid chips and other forms of new dictatorial surveillance. These technologies and corporations behind them are setting the precedent for more government control over our lives in the years to come. If you have the mindset that if you do nothing wrong then there’s no need to worry, think again.

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