Megacities Research

Megacities: Includes definition, abstract of worldwide megacities, and problems and challenges The City 2.0 website is a platform created to surface the myriad stories and collective actions being taken by citizens around the world. We draw on the best of what is already being discovered by urban advocates and add grassroots movers and shakers into […]

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Robotic Age Research

Practice incorporating relevant research in your written responses. 7 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry – Biomimicry looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration. After millions of years of tinkering, Mother Nature has worked out some effective processes. In nature, there is no such thing as waste — anything left over from one animal or plant […]

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Culture of Celebrity Research

Suggested research from International Office: Suggeted Readings PP#1 – Culture of Celebrity More Research Links: The Culture of Celebrity – Psychology Today The nature of fame has changed in modern times, and celebrities, and their fans, are diminished by the process. Celebrity – Wikipedia Regional and cultural implications, becoming a celebrity, careers, wealth, mass media, […]

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