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Practice incorporating relevant research in your written responses. 7 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry – Biomimicry looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration. After millions of years of tinkering, Mother Nature has worked out some effective processes. In nature, there is no such thing as waste — anything left over from one animal or plant […]

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Wow, coaches!  I’m impressed.  Many coaches are rocking ROCS – getting themselves signed up, registering teams, and assigning students to teams.  You’re awesome!  This whole process has gone so smoothly, as I knew it would.  Here’s a few tips that should make the registration and submission process easy for you: General information When you set […]

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Announcing…Online Booklet

We’re stepping into the future! The long awaited option is finally here — this year, students (and coaches) can try out the new online booklet system, ROCS. What is ROCS?  It stands for Registration Online Component System.  Simply put, it’s a one-stop spot to register your teams and submit their work (team booklets, scenarios, and […]

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What is Future Problem Solving?

FPS prepares students to face the challenges of the coming century by helping them to think critically, creatively, and futuristically. The program teaches elementary and secondary students to apply problem solving skills to global and community problems. It opens doors to students’ imaginations, leading youngsters to discover rich and varied ways of thinking and to […]

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New School Year and New Site!

Nebraska FPS is happy to start the new school year off with its brand new website.  We hope that this makes finding resources easier. Updates should come more often now too! As you begin your FPS year, you should consider building your own resource library by purchasing valuable FPS publications and other items from the international […]

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