Registration Changes: 2019

We’re making some registration changes this year!  All registrations will be done through this easy-to-use online form.  We’d also love to see you at one (or BOTH!) coaches’ trainings in Kearney this fall. They will be held on September 4 and November 6, 2019 at the Kearney Public Library. Register for this training with this […]

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Current Topics: 2014-15

PP#1: Impact of Social Media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Second Life, wikis, blogging, tweeting – all of these words have entered our lives in the last few years. The impact of Web 2.0 and the rise of associated social media have changed our lives in many ways that we are only just beginning to understand. […]

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Surveillance Society: Topic Research

                        The Surveillance Society – Time Magazine Secrets are so 20th century, now that we have the ability to collect and store billions of pieces of data forever The Surveillance Society – Wired Magazine Cell phones that pinpoint your location. Cameras that track your every […]

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Protected: IC 2013 – Qualifier Information

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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2013 State Bowl Results

SB Evaluation 2013 – For FULL RESULTS (Places 1-12) in the Junior, Middle, and Senior Division – Global Issues Problem Solving – Team Booklet Competition T-shirt Contest: Design Winner      * Lillian Epp (Aurora), Coach: Marilyn Vrana         Click to see Lillian’s design! Scholarship Winners      * Josh Siel, Franklin […]

Protected: NAG Presentation

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Ocean Soup Research Links

Learn more about the State Bowl topic, “Ocean Soup.”  Do some research to learn facts about current challenges and solutions associated with the topic.   Invisible Plastic Ocean Soup is Harming Ocean Animals – Newswire article Pacific Plastic Soup 100-fold Increase – Discovery article Our Oceans: A Plastic Soup – an Earth Institute Blog post […]

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Qualifying Problem

Welcome back!  I hope you had a satisfying and relaxing winter break! I know many of you are already gearing up for the Qualifying Problem, “Megacities.”  Since this is a “competitive” booklet, the “competition” future scene will not be available to students or coaches until the two-hour session time begins.  Coaches, you’ll find two supplemental, […]

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Megacities Research

Megacities: Includes definition, abstract of worldwide megacities, and problems and challenges The City 2.0 website is a platform created to surface the myriad stories and collective actions being taken by citizens around the world. We draw on the best of what is already being discovered by urban advocates and add grassroots movers and shakers into […]

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Robotic Age Research

Practice incorporating relevant research in your written responses. 7 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry – Biomimicry looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration. After millions of years of tinkering, Mother Nature has worked out some effective processes. In nature, there is no such thing as waste — anything left over from one animal or plant […]

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